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The C-19 Protection Guide

Jam-packed resource guide with more than 50 pages of science-based recommendations and references on the mechanisms of action of the coronavirus and over 75 ways that we can protect our cells and boost our health.
Find solid suggestions on symptomatic strategies that have worked on past coronaviruses. And pre-hospital interventions to look for in your local medical community! 

Less than $20 for access to the best, research-based coronavirus protection strategies in natural medicine.
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The Complete C-19 Protection Guide
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The Complete C-19 Protection Guide
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Here's What You'll Get:
- The C-19 Protection Guide in PowerPoint format with the slides and the transcription - you can scroll or listen to Dr. Lipscomb. 

- Includes 28 free ways to reduce stress instantly.
-  The essential oils to have on hand for the perfect DIY hand sanitizers and body lotions.

- A deep dive into 10 general wellness strategies that you can implement immediately to boost your protection and maybe even save your life. 

- Dr. Brandy's 8 top herbs for protection and 9 must-haves if you start to show symptoms. 

- A C-19 Cheat Sheet that you can print out for easy reference. 

-A cut-out grocery shopping guide to put in your purse or your pocket and remind of what to look for in the grocery store. 

While we would love to give this away, history, research, leaders in psychology and experience have taught us that we place more value on things when we pay something.
This work represents WEEKS of labor after YEARS of medical school and is being given to you for pennies. 
It would cost 10-15 times as much to see a naturopathic doctor in office and probably have way less information conveyed in that hour of time. This is similar to a $20 copay established by your insurance company.

That being said, we recognize that this is an extremely hard time for our country and if you are out of work and struggling to buy food and pay rent, please have this free access to the C-19 Protection Guide and our network of assistance. Just fill this out and we will send you a FREE copy. 

Thank you! 
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